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When your teeth can’t be saved, you still have a great option for a natural-looking smile: dentures at the office of Claire V. Williams, DMD, in St. Louis. Dr. Williams makes custom dentures based on your mouth’s unique landscape, ensuring a great fit and maximum comfort. Use the online scheduler or call the office for your dentures consultation today.

Dentures Q & A

What are dentures?

Dentures are removable oral appliances that look very much like your missing natural teeth. You wear dentures all day and take them out overnight. You can get partial dentures to replace missing teeth when you still have some natural teeth, or full dentures to replace every one of your natural teeth.

For conventional dentures, Dr. Williams extracts your teeth and then gives you some time to heal. If your teeth are so badly decayed or damaged that restoration isn’t possible, extraction and tooth replacement is often the best option.

After your gums heal, Dr. Williams makes an impression of your mouth. This impression guides the creation of your dentures so they fit well. Dr. Williams then places your new dentures at around 8-12 weeks after your extractions.

For immediate dentures, Dr. Williams makes an impression of your mouth before she extracts your teeth. This impression is then used to make your dentures so Dr. Williams can do your teeth extractions and new dentures placement in the same day.

Should I choose immediate or conventional dentures?

You'll have to go without teeth for a few months with conventional dentures, while you’ll get teeth right away with immediate dentures. Because of the convenience factor, many patients opt for immediate dentures.

But, it's important to consider denture fit, too. It's normal to lose some gum and bone tissue after tooth extraction, and this can change your mouth dimensions. Conventional dentures are likely to fit more precisely because they're made after these changes.

Dr. Williams will help you choose the right option for your needs.

How do dentures stay attached?

Partial dentures typically have small clasps that attach to the nearby natural teeth to help them stay in place. Full dentures have a soft material, usually acrylic resin, that suctions to your gums to keep them in place. You may also want to use a denture adhesive, at least in the early days when you're still getting used to your dentures.

What should I eat when I have new dentures?

Immediately after getting your new dentures, you'll likely need to eat a soft diet as you adjust. Avoid very hard, chewy, or sticky foods because they can pull your dentures loose. If you want to eat foods that you normally need to bite into, such as apples, simply cut them up instead.

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